Life goes on

Maya and 33(11) are still proving loyal to their nest site. They were absent from it for a period of time this morning, but returned later in the day. It is encouraging to see that, whenever they both leave the area, they always go together, in the same direction. Fishing trips are different, as 33(11) goes solo, but occasionally the pair will fly away together somewhere, just for fun!

Today we managed to capture a video of 33(11) bringing a fish to the nest, and Maya taking it away. They are sticking to the same routine, and always swapping fish on the nest itself, which is great because we are still able to monitor that aspect of their behaviour, record the fish species they are catching, and get some footage!


It is still 33(11) doing all the fishing, the pair are not straying from that standard behaviour, where the male catches all the fish. Even though there is no reason for Maya to wait for 33(11) to fish, and could easily go herself, the birds’ instincts still dictate that it is he that will fish, and she that will wait. This is good, because it helps to reinforce the bond between the two birds.

It is also good because it means we are guaranteed to see them in the Bay when they have fish! If 33(11) wasn’t drawn to the nest with the need to bring the fish to Maya, he might just take it somewhere else. If Maya was to catch her own fish, who is to say she would come back to the nest site to eat it? Ospreys are very much governed by their instincts, they know what their roles are and are sticking to them. This practice run that 33(11) is having should mean he’ll be a super Osprey next year!

Fish (1)

33(11) delivers a fish