Lift-off for 1J

Fledging is always an exciting time for the Rutland Ospreys team and over the past few days we’ve been on tenterhooks waiting for the first of the Manton Bay family to take to the air. As you’ll know if you’ve been following our daily blogs, 1J was favourite to go first. On Monday he was helicoptering up to seven feet above the nest and it seemed only a matter of time before he took the plunge. By this stage the young Ospreys are more than capable of flying; its more a question of when they’ll puck up the courage to actually do so!

This morning conditions were perfect. It was cooler than previous days and a north-easterly breeze was encouraging the youngsters to take to the air. Sure enough, just after 7am 1J moved to the edge of the nest and, with almost no warning, he was away! His mother took to the air immediately, but she didn’t need to worry. 1J completed several circuits of Manton Bay, growing in confidence by the second. After several minutes in the air he alighted on a fallen poplar tree as if he had been doing it for years!

Since that all-important first flight this morning the young male has made more than 20 short flights around Manton Bay; landing next to his parents on the t perch adjacent to the nest and also returning to the nest at regular intervals. The remaining two youngsters have been looking on with interest. It won’t be long until they follow suit. For now though they have remained confined to the safety of the nest. They even had time to share a fish this morning. Click on the video to see what I mean…

Keep an eye on the website tomorrow for some of John’s photos of 1J’s exciting first day on the wing.

One response to “Lift-off for 1J”

  1. Mike Simmonds

    Tim, What a great moment. I well recall the tension but also the thrill when a first flight goes like that!.