Lift-off for 33

Having raised 23 chicks at Site B since he first bred in 2001, 03(97) is an old hand at watching his chicks make their tentative first flights. With only one chick this year, things are a little more straightforward than usual, but nonetheless the experienced father kept a close eye on 33 as he helicoptered higher and higher above the nest in the early part of the week. When the young male finally took the plunge on Thursday morning 03 immediately took to the air and shadowed 33 as he completed a brief circuit around the nest.

After a successful first flight 33 quickly grew in confidence. Numerous short forays followed on Thursday afternoon, and the young male has been even more adventurous today – landing in an Ash tree some distance from the nest. He was quickly joined there by his mother – just to make sure all was well. Like 03 she is only too aware of the dangers facing young Ospreys during their first few days on the wing.

Over the coming days 33 is likely to begin to venture further a field, but like all young Ospreys he’s sure to return to the nest when hungry. We’ll keep you up to date with his progress.