Lloyd of the rings

Early this morning Lloyd our field officer and other staff members set out for the Manton Bay nest. The mission was to ring our fantastic four! All chicks were adorned with a grey BTO ring, and a blue coloured ring. By attaching rings to the birds we are able to gain information on their whereabouts, their age and where they hatched from.

We now have the latest Osprey additions: 054, 055, 056 and 057! Of the four chicks, two are female (now with ring 054 and 057) and two males (ring 055 and 056). 054 being the first to hatch and 057 being the fourth chick to hatch.

All photos by Dave Cole

They are all healthy and we look forward to seeing them take their first flight in the next few weeks!

11 responses to “Lloyd of the rings”

  1. lesley dawson

    Thankyou so much for such detailed information on these beautiful birds.I watch them every day

  2. Jayne

    Aw arnt they gorgeous ? thanks for the lovely closeup of the chicks ????

  3. Suzie

    057 will stay in my heart forever ?
    Brave little girl

  4. Jackie Piper

    So amazing and such a privilege to watch these beautiful birds developing. I have been and will remain addicted to the webcam & these blogs. Seeing them being handled & ringed gives more of a perspective on size. Thank you for the opportunity to see all of this.

  5. Michael Tennant Grundy

    So now the Fab Four have been ringed. Another milestone in their lives ! As an 85 year old I have been watching R W ospreys ever since the re-location of the original Scottish chicks. A facinating story. Thank you.

  6. Michael Simmonds

    Thank you Katy, Lloyd and all involved.
    It would be nice to know their respective weights in another Blog.
    They certainly look in fine condition. Tribute to Maya and 33.

  7. Lin

    Ab Fab indeed – and thank you for the blog Katy. Lucky you Lloyd and Team for an opportunity to do such honours, also the brill Photographer. Thank you all !
    PS Which chick is 150th please?
    Again, many thanks, Lin

  8. Julie Childs

    Just spent a wonderful couple of days watching these fantastic birds. Great to see these photos. Think I want his job! Thanks team- what you do is brilliant.

  9. kevin hurl

    Great photos, and by seeing the chicks being held, we can appreciate just how large their talons are.

  10. Brenda Moore

    Have been watching every day sine the eggs were laid – wonderful news and great to see such a sight. Thank you to all concerned. B Moore

  11. JEFF D

    Surely with Lloyd of the Rings in charge we can break the naming of chicks rule? I suggest Bilbo, Frodo, Samwise and Peregrin Took…..although the last one’s a bit confusing!

    Great work by the Rutland NR team as ever…..oh and Maya and 33 haven’t done bad either!