Look at me!

Confidence is growing in the Manton Bay Osprey chicks, and as you can see from the videos below they’re becoming quite proficient at moving around the nest and over the last few days have been experimenting with wing flapping.

One of the youngsters started the ball rolling (or should that be wing flapping!) and with all three up and on their feet it seems that it’s catching on and the other two are joining in the fun.

We’ll be ringing them over the coming week and it won’t be long then until they’re helicoptering above the nest and ultimately making their first flight.

One response to “Look at me!”

  1. Andy, London UK

    Can you tell what gender they are yet? I’m betting on 2F and 1M, based on the scintillating notion that two help Mum with nest repairs and one doesn’t – although I may be accused of sexism here – although if the lazy one has a quick go round with the hoover without picking stuff up and hoovering beneath, I think I’ve got it nailed.