Look at us now!

As promised here are some photo’s of 12(10), one intruding over Manton Bay, the other on the nest in Dyfi with her cousin.
After intruding at Manton Bay on Monday she popped over to Dyfi and was seen at the nest there yesterday. Well it appears that she has stayed in Wales for another night as today she was again on the nest. She didn’t seem quite as settled there today, perhaps she knows she shouldn’t really be there and was on her toes ready to take off when the adult Ospreys return to their nest site!

12(10) intruding at Manton Bay (above) and on the Cors Dyfi nest with her cousin today(below)

Back in Rutland …

Now almost ten weeks old the juvenille Ospreys have been flying for just over two weeks now and have been showing us how fast they are developing.

Michelle popped up to site B yesterday morning to show a new volunteer the ropes and was treated to a view of all five birds. The two adults were sat in the trees and two of the three young Ospreys sat on the perches eating fish, with the third in the nest. It’s always nice for us to be able to go and visit the nest sites at this time of the year and even more comforting to see for ourselves that all the young birds are around and doing well, especially after this years chaotic fledging.

This morning another of our volunteers, Lynda, was in the monitoring hide at Site B and was treated to some lovely views of both adult and juvenille Ospreys. When she first arrived there were no birds to be seen but soon after all three youngsters flew in, shortly followed by both 03(97) and the female both carrying fish. They were promptly handed over to 1F and 2F who ate them for a considerable time before, eventually, 3F managed to get hold of some for his breakfast. Not long after 1F landed on a fence post a stones throw from the hide whilst the adult female landed in a neighbouring tree.

Back in Manton Bay, whilst 5R was away from the nest both young birds were swirling around in front of Shallow Water and Waderscrape hide, diving down and dragging their feet through the water. This kept them, and the visitors in the hide, amused for some time. Again this morning both youngsters have been doing the same. It seems, thankfully, that 5R’s aggresive behaviour towards his daughter, 9F, hasn’t thwarted her flying progress.