Looking for the summer

Today was still chilly with no sun to be seen at all, but there was slightly less rain. As such there was a lot more action on the nest, and we could actually see what was going on! This morning there was an early fish delivery at 05:57, this was a rainbow trout that was still breathing…

33 with fish

Maya flew in when she saw 33 arrive, and she fed the juveniles instead of letting them get on with it. Even though they can feed themselves, as we’ve seen, Maya still has the instinct to feed them, and they still have the instinct to be fed!


At 08:30 there was an intruder over Manton Bay. Maya was away, collecting sticks from over on Lax Hill. 33 immediately came to the nest, though he unfortunately landed on 2AN’s back! Luckily for him, she didn’t attack him as she has done before, for instance when he dropped a stick onto her last month. You can see from the wide-angled video that a couple of black-headed gulls fly past very close to the nest (or the same gull flies past twice), but they are not the reason for 33’s panic. After the gulls disappear you can see an osprey flying into the bay and up out of the camera view.

33 lands on 2AN

33 standing on 2AN


The next fish was delivered at 10:08, and it was another large trout. This time, Maya wasn’t there and 2AN made a grab for the fish. In her haste she accidentally grabbed hold of 33’s toe instead!

33 with fish

2AN grabs 33's toe instead!

As expected, a good amount of flapping was witnessed today, from both the female and male juveniles. 2AN seems a lot more confident than her brother, but she is four days older. Both of them have a way to go before being ready to fledge, the next step is helicoptering, when we will see them rising higher and higher above the nest, getting braver and more excitable!

2AM jumping


2AN wings out

2AN wingspan



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  1. Marian blacklock

    Saw these chicks 22 days ago, it’s fantastic to get a daily update and see how rapidly they grow! Hope to visit them again to wish them a safe journey before they fledge