Lots of visitors in Manton Bay.

It’s been our busiest day of the season so far at Lyndon today and the ospreys have been putting on a show.

In this clip you can see the Manton Bay pair mantling in the nest as two other ospreys intrude above.

Lucky for us John had popped in and managed to capture the birds flying directly over the Lyndon Visitor Centre and from his photos he identified them as females 5N(04) and 00(09).

It’s great to see 00(09) again as we haven’t seen here around the bay since she returned on 18th March and spent a few days in Manton Bay.

It didn’t take long for the Manton Bay pair to notice these two intruding birds, there were a few handbags thrown before 5R(04) chased off his sister 5N(04) and her new pal.

As well as the ospreys there have been a pair of much smaller visitors to the Manton Bay nest this afternoon. In previous years a pair of pied wagtails have nested in the underside of the nest; it looks like they may be eyeing it up again for this year!

Manton Bay’s smaller residents

Volunteer Rick Pegler has written a blog following his shift in Waderscrape hide on the evening 5R returned to Manton Bay on 28th March. https://peglerbirding.blogspot.co.uk/