Love scenes

As Tim mentioned in yesterday’s update, another Osprey has returned to Rutland! 03(97)’s mate has now joined him at Site B, four days later than last season. This female has been breeding with 03 since 2009, and they have raised 14 chicks together. It’s fantastic that she is back! Here are a couple of photographs John Wright took of her at her nest.

Site B female

Site B female

The Site B female with 03

The Site B female with 03


John also captured a video of 03(97) and his mate getting re-acquainted at their nest yesterday!



4 responses to “Love scenes”

  1. Valerie

    How great he looks and great they look together , so pleased for you all well done and good luck , love to all xx

  2. Suzie

    Love scenes indeed!

    I still can’t get my head around 03 coming home! I remember looking at the photos of him starting his Autumn migration last year and mentally waving a fond but final farewell.

    Its just so special to see them both together again … thanks for the update Kayleigh!

    Oh! And note to Maya and 33/11: Time to make your entrance folks!!!!

  3. Mike Simmonds

    Thank you Kayleigh and John. Great to see thee together again. Fingers crossed for another good season.

  4. Susan Welch

    Great video. Great footage of how copulation takes place. From the experts! 🙂 So glad they are together again to continue increasing the Rutland Osprey population.