Lover not a fighter

What a beautiful Saturday! We’ve had a great half-term week at the Lyndon Centre, with thousands of people coming out to enjoy the lovely weather and see our wonderful ospreys! Maya, 33 and the chicks have provided endless pleasure for many people, whether watching the live screen in the centre or seeing them from Waderscrape hide. 33 has even caught some fish in the bay, right in front of the hide! He doesn’t let his family down with the fishing. Yesterday evening, at 18:24, he delivered yet another large roach to the nest. This one was only his second catch of the day, but his earlier delivery had been a rather large one so no-one was going hungry.

Fish 1824

Perhaps due to last night’s offering, when the first fish was delivered this morning at 04:38, nobody wanted it, just like what happened yesterday! It was dark and the camera was still filming in infra-red. It looked as though the chicks were still fast asleep, so 33 decided he would take the fish away to eat a bit first.

At 04:55 he brought it back again, and this time Maya took it from him and fed the chicks.


The next fish was delivered at 05:44.

Fish 0544 incoming

We witnessed another occasion of chick aggression this morning. It was around 09:00 and for some reason the larger chick attacked the smaller one again. This time the attack was very fierce and a lot more vicious than the previous attack we saw two days ago. We don’t usually see much fighting between osprey chicks, but we know that it does happen and attacks can sometimes be quite brutal. This is nature’s way of ensuring the strong survive. Deaths from this sort of thing generally only occur when there is a lack of food, and we don’t have those problems here as there is plenty of fish to go around. The little chick is absolutely fine and is showing no ill effects. They are resilient creatures! However, you may not want to watch the following footage if you’re faint of heart, as it is quite a ferocious attack!

Of course sticks have featured in today’s action again! 33 delivered one just after 11:00 which looked like a miniature palm tree! Then later he brought one in and landed smack on the smaller chick with it (that poor chick!). He picked it up and dropped it onto the larger chick, then he stood on the little chick and walked into Maya before finally positioning his stick at the edge of the nest!


Another stick

And we finish the day’s report with another huge roach at 16:28!




2 responses to “Lover not a fighter”

  1. Christine Haines

    Wonderful Pictures, 33 is working so hard to feed his family.

  2. Mike Simmonds

    Let’s hope we see no more of this aggression Kayleigh. Strange that it should occur on a nest with such an ample supply of food therefore nothing to do with survival.