Making a splash

I often think that one of the most incredible aspects of a young Osprey’s life is the fact that they usually set off on migration without having ever caught a fish for themselves. As you’ll know if you have visited the Manton Bay nest recently, the juvenile’s food-beg incessantly at this time of year. Instinctively they know that they need as much fish as possible before setting off on migration; and that the best way of doing this, is to ask for it!

The one notable advantage the Manton Bay youngsters have over many other juvenile Ospreys – and certainly the others in Rutland – is that their nest is surrounded by water. This gives them ample opportuity to practice fishing. Over the last few days both 8F and 9F have been made numerous dives into the water. It makes for great viewing from Waderscrape and Shallow Water hides – here are some photos John Wright took of 8F hitting the water. I wonder if one of his many dives will eventually be successful before he sets out on migration?