Male Ospreys Wanted!

We were all delighted yesterday when 30(05) returned to Rutland Water! Another one of our WOW Ospreys makes it home! We have all enjoyed watching her movements and following her journey home, possible thanks to her GPS satellite transmitter. Some of the team even got the enviable opportunity to see this beautiful bird at her wintering grounds in Senegal. Now she is home again, and we will have photographs to share on the website very soon!

30(05)’s return puts the Rutland Water Osprey total to eight. Surprisingly, seven of these birds are females. There is a commonly held belief that male Ospreys are usually the first to return to their nest sites, followed by their mates. This year, our females have turned this conviction on it’s head!

Due to the abundance of females, there has been lots of activity from them as they check out the different nests in the area. The Manton Bay nest has been visited by several other female Ospreys – 25(10) on 19th March, 00(09) on 21st March, and 5N(04) on 22nd March. 25(10) has also visited Site B!

Here are a few photographs of 5N(04) intruding at Manton Bay.

5N intruding at the Manton Bay nest

5N intruding at the Manton Bay nest






There is one female who doesn’t have to wait for her mate, as he returned before her. 03(97), aka Mr Rutland, is back for his fourteenth season. He was the first Osprey to return to Rutland this year. Here he is on the nest with his mate.

03(97) and his mate at Site B


It is brilliant to have a pair settled at their nest, ready for the season ahead. All we need now is the rest of our male Ospreys to return and join the females, to stop all this nest hopping! Come on boys, your ladies are waiting…..

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  1. Debbie cook

    My husbands comment was they are waiting until the women have done all the housework ie tidy the nests and build them up mmmmmm what do you think ?