Manton Bay in the Sun

The past few days have been absolutely glorious, it feels as though spring has been knocked up a gear. The flowers have blossomed into an explosion of colour, from snakeshead fritillary on the meadows to the hawthorn along the tracks. Bees and butterflies frolic between each flower creating a kaleidoscope of colour. The playlist to this flower extravaganza is a cacophony of bird song, as the breeding birds establish their territories and get ready to mate.

But of course the ospreys have had a head start, as they are already sat on their three eggs! This has allowed the pair to enjoy the long, sunny days together, often panting to keep cool.

However, the heat could be taking it’s toll on the pair as they both seem to be winding each other up, this first occurred when Maya decided to undertake some D.I.Y, an activity that can cause strain in the strongest of couples. 33 did try and lend Maya a hand; however she was determined to move the stick across the nest even if it meant going across 33!


The second case was when Maya denied 33’s offer of fish, the look on his face was very telling.

Maya does not even want to look at 33’s catch

Now it has cooled down the pair also seem to have relaxed, they are still taking turns to incubate and Maya did eventually eat 33’s fish!    

Happy Couple!