Manton Bay Latest

It’s been a fairly quiet day in Manton Bay today. All three Ospreys are still around but there have been times today when Manton Bay has been empty with not an Osprey in sight.

And when there was, again we saw the familiar sight of 3J in the nest.



5R treated the Visitor Centre to a lovely aerial display as he circled around looking for a suitable place to fish for ten minutes this afternoon before continuing on up the reservoir.

He has caught a couple of pike this afternoon, albeit a bit on the small side, one of which he kept. Bet you can’t guess who got the second? 3J of course!

2 responses to “Manton Bay Latest”

  1. Steve

    How do the Ospreys survive on their trip to Africa as they don’t seem to be able to catch their own food as yet.Do they scavenge?

    1. Tim

      Hi Steve, as soon as the youngsters set-out on the trip to Africa they’ll start catching fish for themselves. Hard to believe in the case of 3J, but its true!