Maya and 33 remain – for now…..

Our 2019 season is drawing to a close and although the fledglings have gone it’s fantastic to still have the adult birds with us so we can enjoy watching them.

33 is determined to add sticks to the nest, flying in on a regular basis then rearranging them as he sees fit.

Maya has been food begging and today she gave up on 33 providing a meal and caught herself a trout.  33 fished too and both birds were seen eating the fish, perched in the poplars.

Let’s hope they stay for a few more days.


3 responses to “Maya and 33 remain – for now…..”

  1. Celia Martin

    Such great pictures. So sad that the season has come to an end

  2. G Jeffery

    Thanks so much Libby for the update on the Manton Bay pair. So nice to have them on the nest preparing for next year.

    It was a great achievement for them to successfully raise 4 healthy chicks this year and a testament to how fortunate they are to have so much fish in Rutland Water.

    Good luck to them on their migrations.

  3. Paul and Mandy Jackson from Cornwall

    We have just had a weeks’ holiday in Rutland to see these magnificent birds. We really enjoyed the osprey cruise on the Rutland Belle. The commentary by Libby was informative, entertaining and enjoyable. She is a natural! She was lovely in welcoming everyone and handing out the parking passes as well as the above.
    Both centres at Egleton and Lyndon were excellent and it was great to meet Libby again there. Nothing was too much trouble for her and she really enhanced our visits. All other staff and volunteers were also enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Thank you so much!
    We hope to come again next year!