Maya goes Fourth…

All the excitement of the new spring and new life is all around us, we’re starting to warm up for Easter Sunday and prepare to consume our body-weight in Easter eggs… and Maya was celebrating with her own little calcium-bound jewels too, three beautiful eggs which she laid earlier this week! She looked fairly settled after the arrival of the third and we were all settled to wait it out until hatching date… But Maya had other ideas!

At 9.05 this morning, Maya had been shuffling around for half an hour after a swap over with 33… she stepped to one side and revealed a fourth egg! She better start piling on the pounds over Easter like we all will be, if she’s going to keep her energy levels up for rearing those hungry chicks when they hatch! With any luck they’ll all grow and fledge… looks like she’s going to be the owner of the 150th chick trophy this season! keep up the good work Maya we’re Egg-static up in Osprey HQ! (Sorry)

10 responses to “Maya goes Fourth…”

  1. Jennifer Mosley

    What fantastic news. Well done Maya x

  2. Mary Evans

    Llongyfarchiadau. Many Welsh congratulations to Maya. I was just about to ask DOP about how often this happened. So Q. how often does this happen? She must be very certain of her mate and her food source, bless her. Here’s wishing her the very,very best.

  3. Sally Bell

    Great news. Everything crossed for four healthy fledgers!

  4. SheilaFE

    Oh my! Well done Maya! Thank goodness they have a ready supply of fish!

  5. Dennis Boast

    Eggclence news.

  6. Frances

    Oh that’s wonderful Maya. Good luck.

  7. Rosemary Johnson

    Can you please tell me why we haven’t had any more update on the satellite tagged sprays?

  8. Bill Hunt

    Wow…what a girl! Maya must be determined to be the first osprey on camera to raise 4 chicks! Let’s all hope she and 33 have a better run at it this year. There’s no doubt that 33 can catch enough fish, he is amazing. And Maya? She is always so gentle and caring when she looks after the little ones.
    Can’t wait to see four babies together!

  9. Kim jarvis

    Well Brilliant news, well done Maya

  10. Judith Kibblewhite

    Wow that’s fantastic news, hope all goes well can’t wait to see
    those little chicks hatch