Maybe tomorrow

Another very wet and windy day today, hopefully tomorrow will be brighter! Maya and 33(11) have spent most of the day sitting together on the leaning perch, occasionally one or the other visited the nest, but it was hard to see them through the raindrops!

33(11) just visible through the raindrops

33(11) just visible through the raindrops


The pair had a successful mating attempt, all good practise for next year! 33(11) went on a fishing trip but came back with nothing. This isn’t the best weather for fishing, the waves make visibility difficult.

Today I have been looking through the monitoring forms to find out how many fish have been caught by the Manton Bay Ospreys so far this season, and what species they were. The results were as follows: sixty-four fish were caught in total, twenty-nine of them were trout, fifteen were roach, eighteen were unknown (sometimes it can be difficult to tell!), one pike and one perch. This shows that there is a great variety of fish available to the Ospreys, with trout being the most common.


Fish caught

A very wet 33(11)

A very wet 33(11)

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  1. Christine

    Looking forward to our Osprey cruise on Saturday,I think I should bring~motion sickness pills 🙂 wet weather clothing and wet weather protection for my Nikon camera!!

    Love this website and I am always checking to see what the birds are up to!

    Kind regards,

    Christine Bradbury