Meet the next generation of Site B chicks…

At 2pm on Thursday 28th June we were worried. In less than two hours we were due to be ringing the Site B chicks and Tim and I had just seen a flash of lightning from the office window. After a quick phone call to Site B we were relieved to find out that somehow the bad weather had completely missed them and the nest was bathed in sunlight. The ringing was still on.  As usual local tree surgeon Mark Ashman kindly offered his services; the tree is too dangerous to climb, but Mark’s cherry picker is just the job for reaching the nest with ease.

Mark Ashman and a wary parent

This year we have been given a consecutive set of Darvic rings, all with a one digit number and the letter F. Site B has got the ball rolling and we ringed each chick with a blue colour ring on its right leg – numbered 1F, 2F and 3F. At this stage we believe there is a female and two males, one of which was very aggressive. When we saw the three chicks it was hard to believe that 43 days had passed since the first sign of hatching, they were all in fantastic condition and it won’t be long until they take to the air for the first time. Mr Rutland certainly has done it again!

3F(12) The youngest male

The female 2F(12) in front and 3F(12) behind

1F(12) The aggressive male

One response to “Meet the next generation of Site B chicks…”

  1. Mike Simmonds

    Great news and a memorable moment for the lucky ringer.