Migration for 054?

Our eldest fledgling 054 has not been seen for a few days and we believe that she has left on her first migration to Africa, she was last seen with Maya on the 18th August.

The three remaining fledglings, 055, 056, 057 are still here in the bay along with Maya and 33, who is still bringing food to them.

5 responses to “Migration for 054?”

  1. Sheila FE

    The season is nearly over, all too soon. Good luck 054, a safe journey and we look forward to hearing of your return somewhere in two or three years time.

  2. lesley Daws

    Its so sad to see her go.hope she has a safe journey

  3. Celia martinr

    This is such a sad time of year. Farewell Safe journey. There AND BACK

  4. Tony

    Great blog! Love the video clips over the past few weeks. It’s been really good to see all four chicks survive the good and nasty weather and be fit enough to fledge and migrate. Hopefully, we’ll see 054-057 all return to Rutland over the next few years to raise their own offspring. Well done to the Rutland Osprey Team for keeping us updated.

  5. Arlo Katts

    We have a house overlooking the Loire and see migrating ospreys almost daily every year from August 18th until mid-September. This year we have seen none. The Loire is the lowest we have ever seen it and in the usual fishing areas around here, is simply not deep enough to accomodate an osprey’s dive. I suspect the same is true of much of France and Spain. I do hope, especially after events of the spring migration, that the Rutland ospreys each has a safe journey.