Migration of S1

S1, one of our male ospreys, fledged from Manton Bay in 2015, one of the offspring of 33 and Maya.  He was ringed on the 30th June 2015 and left on his first migration on 29th August 2015.

S1 was first seen back in the UK in 2017 and has been holding a territory, although has not yet managed to attract a female.  He was fitted with a GPS tracker in August 2018.

He started his 2019 migration on the 31st August, roosting on the south coast of England before crossing the channel in the early hours of the morning and arriving in France at 9am on 1st September, since then he has made steady progress south through Spain.

The project has two other satellite tagged birds, 4K and 30.

4K’s blue ring is clearly visible in John Wright’s photo

4K, a male bird from 2013,  has yet to leave on migration and 30’s satellite tag is no longer transmitting – but we do know that all is well with this female from 2005, as she has been seen this season.

Credit to Geoff Harries.

We will keep you updated with progress of the birds as they migrate to their wintering grounds.