Misty morning

The day dawned incredibly foggy, and our first dawn cruise of the season had to be put on hold while we waited for it to clear! The visibility was such that it would be impossible to see very far all around us, so no chance of any wildlife sightings, plus it would be potentially dangerous to sail the boat in those conditions. The fog slowly lifted slowly, and after around 45 minutes the visibility improved and we set off. Almost immediately an osprey flew over us, quite close! He sped down the north arm and disappeared over Barnsdale wood. If we hadn’t waited for the fog to lift we’d have missed him!

User comments

Recently, 33 has been catching lots of pike in Manton Bay. They are spawning at this time of year and are therefore easy to catch. This is fantastic for visitors to the hides on the Lyndon reserve, as they get to see him fishing at really close quarters! It’s good for 33 too, as it means he doesn’t have to travel far for his food, and consequently saves up much-needed energy. Today, 33 brought in five pike, three within four hours this morning! He’s providing so well for his growing family, the chicks sometimes are just not hungry and can’t rouse themselves enough to eat any more!

4th pike

Fourth pike of the day

Sleeping chicks

Well fed chicks fast asleep


For a few hours today, volunteer Jeanette Holdstock and the Stamford Lace and Needle-craft Group were “knitting in public” at the Lyndon Centre! It was great to have this creative influence in the centre – several members of the public chatted to the ladies and even the staff joined in! World Knit in Public Day this year is next Saturday, 18th June.