Misty Mornings in Manton Bay

When I arrived at Lyndon this morning there was a thick mist gliding over the water, I doubt the osprey nest was even visible from waderscrape hide. Gradually, the mist shrunk away leaving behind views of the still, sparkling water; eventually we could see the other side of the nature reserve. Currently, the mist has almost completely disappeared, it has left behind a beautiful day that feels more like June.


Maya feeding chicks


Even with this thick mist, 33 proved he is the king fish hunter and brought in a fish at 04:57, just as the first rays of sunlight seeped through the thick mist. Then at 08:00 he brought in another fish, despite the mist still hanging over the water. Then we had two this afternoon, one at 12:34 and the next around 16:00. What an incredible bird 33 is, no wonder the chicks are growing so fast with all that fish! 


3rd fish of the day


4th fish of the day


The chicks are starting to move around a lot more, they also seem to be getting on very well as nest mates; they have even started moving in synchronisation!


Today is the 1st day of “30 days wild”, this is a month-long nature challenge aimed to get everyone involved in nature by doing simple, fun and exciting random acts of wildness every day. To find out more or get involved please click here and why not come and visit the Rutland ospreys or join us for one of our Osprey Cruise for your 30 days wild!