More Action from Manton Bay!

Following on from the arrival of 25(10) at the Manton Bay nest…

25 seemed to be settling down on the nest, moving some sticks about and scraping out the centre. We were wondering where the Manton Bay female was, and then she suddenly appeared on the nest with her fish. She was showing defensive behaviour towards 25, who didn’t take the hint and tried to steal her fish! What a cheeky young Osprey! 

The Manton Bay female was having none of it, and tried to fly away to protect the fish. However, 25 wasn’t going to let her get away that easily, and she grabbed hold of it! A brief tug-of-war was initiated, which ended with the Manton Bay female pushing 25 away with her foot and high-tailing it to safety.

It appears that 25 has now finally accepted that she’s not getting this nest or this fish. She was seen flying away from the area, towards the nest where she bred last year. Her arrival caused a great deal of excitement here at Rutland Water! We look forward to seeing more Ospreys returning to the area in the coming days! Keep an eye on here for updates.

25 makes a grab for the fish!

25 makes a grab for the fish!

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  1. Annie Sage

    Exciting times! I missed this live so thanks for the video!