Morning Sun

The last couple of days in Manton Bay have been quite interesting, Maya and 33 have been very busy getting the nest ready, the pair began copulation almost as soon as the male returned, so we expect Maya will be laying eggs early next week.

The sunrise on Wednesday morning was really something, the birds were silhouetted against the red and orange sky, which reflected perfectly in the calm water. For most of the morning the pair were on the nest, probably enjoying the warmth and sunshine for a change.  33 brought in plenty of sticks adding to the already bulging nest platform and Maya was busy bringing in dried grass from the paddock just behind the nest. 

Today however, we were not greeted with a morning as beautiful as yesterday, nonetheless we have had the exciting news that there are now eight ospreys in Rutland, making up two pairs. 

It has also been busy down in Manton Bay, with sightings of water voles, water rails, barn owls  great white egrets and a new one for our bird of prey  list- merlin. At one point we even had three ospreys in the bay! We believe this was probably a bird from another site just visiting, to see what was happening in the bay. After landing on the T-perch the intruder was soon driven out the bay by both Maya and 33, who were mantling on the nest before chasing the intruder out. After which the pair in the bay returned to their usual rhythm of fish finding and grass gathering.