Move over

Yesterday, I mentioned how much 33 makes us laugh because he is constantly wanting to incubate, and that he has sometimes been seen trying to push and shove Maya to get her to move off the eggs so that he can have a go. Well today we managed to get a recording of him doing it! He had brought in a stick and moved it about, then hung around, standing close to Maya and looking at her occasionally. After a while he clearly grew impatient, turned towards Maya and pulled at her wing with his beak! He did this several times until she got fed up, got off the eggs and flew off, allowing 33 to sit on them!

Wing pulling

Move, it’s my turn

Maya finally moves

Alright, I’m up

33 wins





4 responses to “Move over”

  1. Valerie Webber

    Bless him , what a great partner to Maya

  2. Dolly

    So funny, what a great pair they are 🙂

  3. BarbaraMc

    Seen this behaviour before on the Dunrovin nest in Montana; Ozzie, the previous male there frequently ‘insisted’ on taking his turn with incubation. Sadly he was killed, believed by bald eagles, but has been replaced by a young trainee, fortunately

  4. Helen Hall