Movie Competition Results


 This year as part of World Osprey Week 2017, which celebrates the return migration of the ospreys, we gave schools the challenge of making short video inspired by ospreys.

Entitled “Ospreys and us” school children could make their movie individually or as a group. We received many excellent movies, including a range of genres including interview, documentary and animations.

We are pleased to announce the winning entries, and we have included pictures of the presentations made to the winners in their schools at the end of the summer term. Thanks again to all schools and pupils who took part.


First Prize – Casterton Primary School, Great Casterton, Rutland.

Congratulations to Sam, Alex ,Sebastian, Chloe, and Elize for their winning movie entry!

This deserving first prize was an interview of Osprey 30 (Sam) and was well researched and presented .It explains all about life as an osprey and migration.

First prize

First prize


Second Prize – Edith Weston Academy, Rutland.

A large cast of children from Edith Weston made a movie which explained about the life of the Rutland Ospreys at Manton Bay. Their story taking place on their school field, included life at the nest, hatching of the eggs, and Osprey 33 bringing in fish for the hungry osprey chicks – all parts were played by a large cast of school children, including eggs, hatching chicks, adult ospreys and fish!  No fish were harmed in making this film!

Second prize

Second prize


Joint Third Prize –  Oakham C of E School, Oakham, Rutland

Casterton Primary School, Great Casterton, Rutland.

We awarded third place jointly, to two deserving animation entries from Oakham C of E School and Casterton Primary School. The entry from Oliver from Oakham C of E was received only 8 hours after we visited the school and told the pupils about the movie competition!