Mum’s the word

Calling all adventurous children! (And adults!)

To celebrate mothers’ day, we have an exciting new discovery trail in place at the Lyndon Reserve on the weekend of 25th/26th March, designed specifically with wildlife mums in mind! You will be provided with seven photographs of wildlife mums, and you need to find the photographs of their babies that are hidden somewhere on the nature reserve!

The trail costs £1 to do, and if you manage to find all the pictures you get to make your very own special badge, keyring or medal with our badge making machine! A perfect gift for mum!

Mothers' day trail

Mothers’ day trail


In osprey news, the pair in Manton Bay have been settling in again on their nest. There has been a lot of mating attempts happening, some of which haven’t quite been successful, some sticks and several bits of softer nest material. Here are some clips of the pair building their nest.

33 with clump Clump photo Maya clump

A fish was delivered at roughly half past six this morning, here it is coming in! 33 has now taken on the role of provider, and Maya immediately leaned in and grabbed the fish from him. He had clearly already eaten a good portion of it, and Maya flew off to eat the rest on the perch.


As it’s Red Nose Day, here is volunteer Ed osprey sporting his red nose!




2 responses to “Mum’s the word”

  1. David

    Great video clips!

  2. Geoff Lloyd

    It’s great reading about the Ospreys and seeing all the video updates, please keep up all the brilliant efforts everyone. Your hard work and commitment really is appreciated.