My day with the Osprey Project

Hi, my name is Maddie and I am doing Work Experience with the Osprey Project today. This is my report of when I went down and watched the Ospreys on Manton Bay.

When we arrived at the hide we found the adults sat on their perch and two of the juveniles sat on white posts and the third hiding by a tree, a fair distance from the nest. When they seemingly got bored with sitting the juveniles would go and fly around but always landed near the posts. At one point I saw all of the ospreys flying about, as the adults were trying to get rid of an intruder. The three juveniles then decided to go and sit in the nest for a while, as the adults looked over them. After a while they seemingly got bored as they decided to go for a fly again and they all ended up being in the same places they were in when I arrived that morning.

The three chicks all sat in the nest

By the time it had got to 1pm it did not seem like I had spent four hours watching them, the time just seemed to fly by.