Never a dull moment

Another lovely sunny day in Manton Bay, and the Ospreys put on a good show down at the hides once again! Maya has been the one bringing sticks today, and came and went a few times this morning with new material. I wonder just how big this nest is going to be at the end of the season! 33(11) went for a bath in the reservoir, completely immersing himself under the water before coming up again! As far as we could tell, it wasn’t a failed fishing attempt, just a wash!

This morning, there was an intruding Osprey in the Bay. Maya and 33(11) were perched near the nest, and both of them looked up as this new bird flew above them, but neither of them seemed unduly unnerved by its presence, and did not fly up to chase it off. This was strange, as normally they will defend their nest aggressively. The intruding Osprey landed on the leaning perch, and then both Maya and 33(11) flew towards it as if to chase it away, though there didn’t seem to be any aggression in them as they did so. All three birds flew lazily around for a while, then Maya and 33(11) returned to the Bay, and the intruder went on his merry way. The Osprey was seen to be ringed, but unfortunately it was sitting in the wrong position for the ring to be read, so remains unidentified.

There were also two other intruding Ospreys around this afternoon, one of whom could have potentially been 28(10) based on someone seeing a dodgy-looking wing. However, there is another Osprey around, 30(10), who has a broken primary feather in his right wing, making it look gappy, so perhaps it was him. We know there are lots of Ospreys around who have intruded before and will do again, it is always nice to have identification though. Whoever these intruders were, they have now disappeared and normal service has resumed.

Here is a short video clip and a few screen-shots of Maya and 33(11) on the nest today.

Should it go here?

Maya with nest material

Both Ospreys on the nest, 33(11) looking unsettled

Both Ospreys on the nest, 33(11) looking unsettled

You put your right foot in...

You put your right foot in…