Never grow up

At only two and a half weeks old, these two chicks are looking incredibly healthy and rather huge! No matter how many seasons I spend watching osprey chicks grow up, it never ceases to amaze me just how fast they do it! In just less than three weeks’ time, these two will be almost fully grown with a full set of white-tipped juvenile feathers, and they’ll be fitted with their leg rings. Then two weeks after that they will be fledging!

For now, though, we’re making the most of the moment – here we are at just over two weeks old and the chicks are enjoying the best days of their youth, safe and warm in that cozy nest, their every need provided for by 33 and Maya.

Normous chicks!

They are getting stronger, and their wings are getting longer! Here is one chick stretching a wing over the other.

Yesterday the older chick even had a go at flapping!

The chicks have once again been covered in a fair bit of hay recently – Maya and 33 both seem keen on filling the nest up with it!

So cozy, but where are the chicks!

So cozy, but where are the chicks?!

There they are!

There they are!


Yesterday was a five fish day! The first fish was delivered in the dark at 04:41. The camera was still filming in infra red, but during this video of the fish delivery, the camera undergoes its change to normal view!

Here is Maya feeding the chicks the first fish of the day, a roach. The smaller chick is not at all shy, and shoves himself forwards in order to get the fish.

Whilst Maya was feeding the chicks, this was happening:

Beautiful sunrise at feeding time

What a fantastic view!

The second fish of the day came in at 07:37, another good-sized roach. Maya and the chicks weren’t all that bothered about eating this straight away, though, as they had only just finished the first one!

Fish Fish incoming

Then there was another fish at 11:31…

Another fish eleven thirty

…another one at 15:27…


…and another at 21:04!

No wonder the chicks are growing so quickly!

Large chick




5 responses to “Never grow up”

  1. Barry Costello

    Seems like that’s quite a shoal of Roach 33 has found.

  2. Lynn Daye

    Your updates are great with wonderful photos and pictures. Thanks.

  3. Toni Newton

    How do you get to put rings on the chicks?

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      Hi Toni, our licensed ringer goes up to the nest with a ladder, gets the chicks and brings them to ground level where their rings are fitted and they are weighed and measured. It all takes less than half and hour. Best wishes, Kayleigh.

  4. Mike Simmonds

    Great Blog Kayleigh. As you say we can almost see them growing!