News from Manton Bay

Today has been a wonderful day on the reserve; this morning we had over twenty starlings on the feeders outside the visitor centre. Each starling seemed to have a juvenile in tow, the starlings were jumping down onto the feeders and hopping back up to feed the juveniles. Later on in the morning we had another report of the great northern diver, still swimming around just outside the centre. All afternoon we have had a swarm of swifts and sand martins swirling above the centre and over Manton Bay, it was such a welcoming sight!  

Over the weekend we had our second osprey cruise of the season and again we had success! This time we made our way down the South Arm towards Manton Bay and sure enough there was osprey fishing. I was just explaining how the bird must be 33(11), as he would never let another bird fish this close to the nest, when all of a sudden an osprey came charging up the bay from the direction of the nest. It took a few seconds to realise what was happening, I then explained that this second bird is without doubt 33(11). The two birds swooped around the bay, before disappearing over towards Normanton Church.

In Manton Bay things are getting even more exciting, the chicks are beginning to flex their wings getting them into shape, it’s hard to believe that in around four months’ time these little chicks could be flying 3000 miles to Africa.


The chicks have even started attempting to feed themselves.


We have also had a couple of intruders in Manton Bay; amazingly we have another new male  back, this time it’s T4 (16), a two year old and nest mate to T3! This sighting was reported to the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation; T4 was spotted and photographed at around 19:00  by Mr and Mrs Smallman.  Thank you for sharing your sighting, it’s fantastic news.