Night-time Visitor

Last night something quite strange was caught on the osprey webcam. Something in night spooked Maya onto the nest! Unfortunately it just appears as a blur on the camera therefore cannot be identified, but what could it have been, another osprey, an Egyptian goose or maybe something more sinister…. 

After the visit in the night 33 was also forced off his perch to chase away two Egyptian geese. No doubt they were wanting to get a look in on the nesting platform, lucky 33 was having none of it and chased them off before they could even get close. This allowed for great views from the hide, which as of this morning will now be open on our extended hide visiting hours, therefore our waderscrape hide will be open and manned (or wo-manned) from 6am-8pm. This means that there will be scopes available and our extremely knowledgeable volunteers on hand to show you the ospreys. What better way to spend a sunny, springtime evening than  watching the ospreys. 


As for Maya, she and 33 have been very busy getting the nest ready, hopefully it won’t be long until the eggs are laid! It looks like she might be preserving her energy already as yesterday evening Maya was food begging. 33 had left the bay a number of times during the day presumably to fish, however he came back either empty handed (taloned?) or with tufts of grass. Maya was not very happy about this, thankfully at 17:45 33 delivered the good and dropped a fish onto the nest, Maya greedily grabbed it off him and flew off to enjoy it alone. 

Don’t forget to check up on our GPS tracked osprey 30 who is now making her way uo towards Casablanca!