Nine-tenths of the law

The young ospreys in Manton Bay are now 13 weeks old, and have been flying for almost five weeks! They are very confident and capable on the wing, and have also been seen belly-flopping into the water in the bay, as if attempting to fish but not really knowing how! They don’t need to fish for themselves yet though, as Maya and 33 are still bringing their catches to them on the nest. We know just how possessive the youngsters can be over fish (especially T6!), and in the video below you can see that 33 has just delivered a great big trout, and T8 is there first to claim it, but he doesn’t grab hold of it, so when T6 suddenly flies in she’s the one who gets the fish!

T6 flies in for the fish

T6 flies in for the fish


T6 had this fish for almost three hours before she’d had enough, and eventually relinquished it to T8, who had been waiting impatiently! Here’s a lovely video of all three juveniles on the nest together. A rare sight these days!

All three chicks




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  1. Bill Hunt

    What a joy to see all three on the nest together this morning……these times are few and far between now. But it’s amazing to see “our babies” all grown up! Particularly in light of the events at Dyfi. Another good year at Manton Bay! Please keep the blogs coming, I love reading the news.