Olympic Spirit

This morning I got sent some photos from a visitor, Leslie Prosser, who had taken pictures of the birds in Manton Bay. Carrying on with the Olympic theme that has gripped the nation over the last few weeks he thought it looked like the Manton Bay female was turning her talons to the pole vault as she picked up this stick.

Ironically, just as I was just about to turn the screen off in the centre yesterday afternoon I got this clip of the two juvenilles in the nest looking up as the Manton Bay female comes along and delivers, what appears to be, the very same stick! Judging from the way she deposits it into the nest perhaps it was the javelin rather than the pole vault after all!

Thank you Leslie for your pictures.

One response to “Olympic Spirit”

  1. Tina Keen

    When Blue 44 went missing after he had fledged from the Dunkeld (Perthshire) nest, I read about your osprey family on their website. Can I just say how much I’ve enjoyed reading all about your ospreys. I like your site and will be anxiously awaiting the safe return of the parent birds next spring and following their progress. Glad to say that Blue 44 did eventually return to the nest. Thank you again.