Casterton Business and Enterprise College

Address: Ryhall Road,
Great Casterton,
Rutland, PE9 4AT
United Kingdom

Link: School Website

School Location

Latitude: 52.673294 Longitude: -0.5181910000000016

About Casterton Business and Enterprise College

Our College is at the edge of Great Casterton, a village in East Rutland, in England's East Midlands. Our students are from age 11 to 16. Rutland College is where our older students, aged 17 to 18, study. It is to the west of Oakham and Rutland Water in a village called Barleythorpe. Our students come from the nearby town of Stamford and the surrounding villages. Most of the land around Casterton is arable, growing wheat, barley and oil seed rape. There is some pasture where sheep and cattle graze. Fields are surrounded by hedges. There are many trees, including some small woods. The landscape is rolling slopes and gentle river valleys. The underlying rock is mainly limestone. The River Gwash flows through Casterton. It begins at Rutland Water to the west.

What we would like to achieve

We would like to exchange information about the Ospreys, the landscape around our school, and the lives of our students. We want to learn about life in West Africa and how the children feel about the Ospreys.

About our local Ospreys

Casterton is under 12 kilometers from Rutland Water. Our Ospreys spend the summer there.

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