Goodlyburn Primary

Address: Crieff road,
Perth and Kinross,

Link: School Website

School Location

Latitude: 56.4047865 Longitude: -3.4575815000000602

About Goodlyburn Primary

Goodlyburn primary is located in Perth, Scotland. It has 213 children who live in Perth city. Perthshire is known as the Big Tree county due to the vast areas of woodland we have. The river Tay runs through Perth and we have the Loch of Lowes situated within 20 miles of us.

What we would like to achieve

As the Osprey nesting site is quite close to our school and the migrating and breeding habits of these birds are reported regularly in our local news, it would be good to have child friendly resources and information for our children to help them understand these birds more fully.

About our local Ospreys

Ospreys are regular visitors to our area as their nesting ground at the Loch of Lowes is within 20 miles of our school their arrival and departure is regularly covered in our local media.

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