Inter-Lakes Elementary School

Address: Inter-Lakes School District
103 Main Street
Meredith, NH 03253

Link: School Website

School Location

Latitude: 43.653121 Longitude: -71.499822

About Inter-Lakes Elementary School

Inter-Lakes Elementary School is a small Pre-K to 6th grade school located the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Every fall fourth graders from our school work take part in the annual hawk watch. We work in collaboration with a local science center to learn how to identify different birds of prey. Students learn how to use binoculars, identify birds, take weather measurements and appreciate these majestic birds in flight.

What we would like to achieve

Learn more about ospreys and help my students to make connections around the world.

I hope this link will help allow our students to continue to learn about and follow birds of prey on their migration beyond our local area. For many of our students the hawk watch event at our school sparks a new interest and I hope this link will allow them to continue to foster a love of birds and nature as the school year goes on.

About our local Ospreys

Ospreys nest in New Hampshire and then migrate south for the winter.

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