Itä-Pori comprehensive school

Address: Kouvonraitti 7
28370 PORI

Link: School Website

School Location

Latitude: 61.46727016746107 Longitude: 21.83953854893491

About Itä-Pori comprehensive school

Our Itä-Pori comprehensive shools is one of three comprehensive schools in city of Pori. We have 440 pupils and 230 are in higher classes 7-9.Pori is situated in western Finland. We follow finnish satelite-tracked Osprays 2015 and their journey from Africa to Finland.

What we would like to achieve

We would like to link up with other schools along the migration route of finnish satelite Ospreys.

About our local Ospreys

We want to learn birds migratory systems by this project. Osprey research and satelite-tracking are interesting ways to investigate birds migration day by day or week by week.

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