North Mesa Elementary School

Address: 28881 Gale Road
Pueblo, CO 81006

Link: School Website

School Location

Latitude: 38.24923538075259 Longitude: -104.51602935791016

About North Mesa Elementary School

We are a small rural school located in plains of Colorado. There is a large reservoir located to the west of town where osprey are known to nest. Our students do not have much, if any knowledge about the life cycle of Ospreys. I would like to set up a bulletin board for information and see if we can't establish a group to learn more about these fascinating birds. We also have a Raptor Center in our town for bird rescue that could provide lectures and outings for our group once we begin our studies. This group would only meet informally after school.

What we would like to achieve

Even though Osprey are native to our state, many students have never seen one. I would like for them to have some exposure to their habitat and more information about how we can act to protect them.

About our local Ospreys

Ospreys nest in Colorado each year.

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