St Mark’s Academy

Address: St Mark’s Church of England Academy,
Acacia Road,
UNtied Kingdom

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School Location

Latitude: 51.40746357926323 Longitude: -0.15165591796881017

About St Mark’s Academy

St Mark's Church of England Academy is located in Mitcham only 10 miles from the middle of London. Mitcham is mostly an urban area built up of houses and small businesses with very good transport links into the capital by bus and train.

At the Academy the students learn a range of subjects: English; Maths; Science; Geography; History; Religious Education; Physical Education; Languages (German, Spanish and French); Design Technology, Drama, Art and Information Technology (Computing).

Our school is based upon three core values Love, Hope and Trust which builds a strong community between everyone at the academy. We are a Church of England Christian school however we are inclusive of all faiths support we support unity between different religions, cultures and beliefs.

What we would like to achieve

In Geography I would like my students to be able to learn about different places around the world through the route of the Osprey Migration.

By looking at the UK, France, Span, Morocco, Western Sahara, Senegal, Gambia overall we have looked at the development differences, the climate and tourism.

I would like to use this project to be able to connect with other schools around the world so we can understand our similarities and difference of different places around the world - I see this project to be one where students will be able to gain a much better global understanding.

About our local Ospreys

We have no Osprey nests nearby, but sit under the migration route used by Ospreys as they travel to and from West Africa from Northern Europe.

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