St Nicholas CEVA Primary School

Address: St Nicholas CEVA Primary School
Mill Lane
LE15 7DL

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School Location

Latitude: 52.7144224 Longitude: -0.6653106999999636

About St Nicholas CEVA Primary School

We are a small rural school of 100 pupils which is located very close to Rutland Water near Oakham, Rutland. Like the Ospreys, we have recently embarked on an exciting journey, not without its challenges, but immensely rewarding and purposeful in the relentless pursuit of giving our pupils the best possible education. We are a school with a desire to extend our learning outside of our classroom and have a vision to enhance our experiences by collaborating with other schools and communities beyond our own, especially with a common connection that we are passionate about. The Osprey project would give us the opportunity to spread our wings and soar!

What we would like to achieve

We would like to give our pupils the opportunity to recognise the detail and beauty in their immediate environment, a sense of awe and wonder, and develop their understanding of their role as the future generation in safeguarding it for the future. We would also like to allow them a global perspective to see how our bubble of Rutland fits into the bigger picture. This link would allow our children a context for applying their Learning Behaviours and Thinking Skills.

About our local Ospreys

Our local Ospreys are based at the Lyndon Reserve and Manton Bay at Rutland Water. The Rutland Osprey Project is run by the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust, in partnership with Anglian Water.

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