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About Suzanne Goldsmith, Author

I am affiliated with a public school district in Bexley, Ohio, USA, through my work with the school district's fundraising arm, the Bexley Education Foundation. However, my interest in WOW stems from my work as a writer and author of a novel for teens, WASHASHORE, that incorporates the story of the ospreys and their return from at-risk status. WASHASHORE was recently named the winner of the 2014 Green Earth Book Award. I am sometimes invited to visit schools to talk about my book and to speak with teachers about using books in the classroom.

What we would like to achieve

I feel that learning about the charismatic and compelling ospreys is a wonderful way to get students thinking about the environment. When I speak to students, teachers and librarians, I share resources such as websites, webcams and videos of and about ospreys that can be used to engage students. I would like to be able to refer them to your project, tell them about resources available, and to encourage participation in World Osprey Week, and that is why I am registering on this site--so I can learn more about what you are doing and maybe convince people to participate.

About our local Ospreys

There are some ospreys that nest here in Central Ohio, but I am more familiar with the Martha's Vineyard ospreys, as this is where I go in the summer, and they are the birds I wrote about in my book. The Martha's Vineyard habitat restoration project was created by Gus Ben David, who works with osprey expert Rob Bierregaard.

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