Westwood Elementary

Address: Westwood Elementary
10595 Hammorly Blvd

Link: School Website

School Location

Latitude: 29.8054835 Longitude: -95.55647770000002

About Westwood Elementary

Our school is in the heart of Houston, Texas, which is a big city in the United States. In second grade, we study how different birds adapt to various habitats. Students are from a variety of backgrounds, with many are living in apartments and most familiar with dense urban life. We work very hard to expand our knowledge of the world, and welcome the opportunity to learn with all of you!

What we would like to achieve

I would like for the students to explore and learn about ospreys around the globe, and communicate with other schools on this common topic. I would like to help motivate my students by providing opportunities for rigorous and relevant study.

About our local Ospreys

Houston is near the coast, and many migrating birds travel past in the fall and spring. Rarely are ospreys found nesting, though. Sometimes ospreys are spotted near a stream in Texas where fish are available.

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