On my way home

We have some great news! There has been a sighting of another two-year-old osprey – S2 from Manton Bay was seen in the Netherlands yesterday! S2 is the sibling of S1, who returned to Rutland on 10th May (click here for more information). It’s amazing to have two birds return from the same clutch! It’s possible S2 will stay where he is this season, migrate back to Africa and come here next year, as 1K did when he was spotted in Belgium as a two-year-old. It’s also possible we will see S2 at Rutland Water, should he find his way across to us! He may need to go south a bit first though…

Click here to see details of the sighting of S2. Thanks to Reinier Smabers for letting us know of the sighting and sending us these photographs.

S2 - S2

At 18:22 last night, 33 was left alone on the nest with the chicks for a minute or two. He moved a few sticks around and shuffled some hay, then he sat down in the nest! He’s such a funny osprey, he has always enjoyed plonking himself in the nest and just sitting there, not incubating, not mantling, just passing the time. While he was sitting there, Maya brought in a nice big clump of dried cow pat.

33 sits

Today’s first fish came in nice and early at 05:45 this morning.


Later on, at 07:25, 33 delivered another one. This one was ignored for a bit at first, probably because the chicks had not long eaten! Maya eventually grabbed this fish and fed it to chicks at 08:26.

Here is a video of the little chick being fed while the older one snoozes, full up!

As is expected after all the fish these chicks are being fed, they are often seen leaning forward, pointing their bottoms into the air and squirting over the side of the nest! They are very good at projectile poo, as they like to keep the nest as clean as it can be.

Big chick and Dad

Big chick and Dad


A lot of hay has been brought to the nest recently, most of which has been piled up on the left side of the nest. In the video below you can see Maya leaning out of the nest trying to grab some wayward hay that escaped!

Luckily for us, the sticks that were impeding our view into the nest have been moved! Maya wasn’t happy with them and attempted to move them several times before accomplishing her task.