On the move

Wow! I know we keep repeating ourselves, but the Manton Bay chicks seem to be getting bigger by the minute.

For the first time today, the two older chicks have been showing an interest in the world beyond the nest. One, in particular, has spent much of the day on the edge of the nest peering out across the water. Over the next few days all three chicks will be moving around the nest more and more, albeit very awkwardly; they should make for very entertaining viewing!

There’s a world out there…

As today’s video shows, there is still a noticeable size difference between the two eldest chicks and the youngest member of the family. Like its two older siblings, the youngster is now getting much darker as it replaces its down with feathers, but it remains submissive to the bigger, stronger chicks – have a look at what happens 1:50 mins into this video. Like we said yesterday, though, this behaviour is normal at this stage of the chicks’ lives and the plethora of fish provided by their father means there is no need to worry; it might not be fed first, but the youngsters always gets its fair share.