One chick is better than none

Without a camera looking directly into the nest, it is not until young Ospreys are several weeks old before you can be sure exactly how many chicks have hatched. We’ve been watching the Site B nest intently since we noted the first signs of hatching on 25th May and now know there is one healthy chick in the nest. Sadly there is nothing to suggest that there are any other chicks and so we can only presume that the intrusions by 09(98) earlier in the season may have resulted in the other eggs becoming chilled – and therefore, not hatching. Although this is disappointing, it does mean that the one chick will get plenty of food and should be in excellent condition when it embarks on its first migration in early September.

One of the reasons it has taken until now to be sure exactly how many chicks did hatch is that 03 and his mate have added numerous sticks to the nest over the past couple of weeks. Some are pretty large…

Like 5R in Manton Bay, 03 has caught several roach recently. Here’s a photo of him delivering one to the nest just before dark.

One response to “One chick is better than none”

  1. John Cheney

    Hi Tim.
    Sorry you only have one chick at site B, but as you say one is better than none. Good luck with it and the rest of your Ospreys. Thanks for all you do at Rutland.
    Regards John.