One day to fly

Life in Manton Bay is going extremely well – the chicks continue to grow rapidly, they are still being very well cared for by Maya and 33, and the recent weather has been favourable. 33 has not let them down this season where food is concerned, and continues to deliver enormous fish to the nest! Yesterday afternoon, he brought in a lovely large roach at 16:42, bringing his total for the day to three – a tiny one in the morning, a large one at 07:06 and this nice big one.

33 with roach

What a beautiful sunset yesterday evening!


Here’s another silly stick that 33 delivered yesterday. He has a habit of picking multi-branched twigs that are not very easy to place! At one point it looks like the chick wants to help him, then sensibly moves out of the way!

Maya had some stick problems of her own today. She seemed to dislike a certain stick that had already been placed in a pile at the front of the nest (as you look from the camera). So she grabbed hold of it and yanked it out from where it was wedged, then she couldn’t get it back where she wanted it!

This morning’s fish was delivered to the nest at 09:17, and it was a medium-sized perch.

Perch 0917

The next one came in at 15:28, and was a good-sized roach.

Fish 1528

Maya grabbed it and fed the smaller chick, who was a lot more interested than the bigger one, who didn’t seem much bothered.

The chicks are trying to get used to having such large wings, which must be strange to them when they started off five weeks ago with little stumpy ones! The chicks will be fully grown in a couple of weeks, and their wings are rather large now – here is a video of one of the chicks stretching her wing and hitting Maya in the face!

Chick hits Maya

Soon, the chicks will be doing a lot of wing flapping, in order to get ready for fledging. They spend a couple of weeks practising, holding onto the nest and beating their wings vigorously, and also jumping up and down and helicoptering above the nest, getting higher and higher. They have attempted flapping once or twice already, but not for long, and on a day like today they are happily chilled out on the nest, just occasionally stretching their wings.

Chick flapping

They are getting a lot more adventurous too, and keep sidling towards the edge of the nest. They have been seen leaning over the side and looking down over the edge, as though checking out what’s below, and they are also becoming interested in sticks and have a nibble every now and then!

Chick heads

Maya and chicks

The ospreys do a great job of making us laugh – this afternoon, 33 came and landed on the nest next to Maya. Pretty normal, you might say. However, volunteer Linda Moore pointed out that 33 was blocking our view of Maya so we could only see her head, and it looked for all the world like there was a two-headed osprey on the nest!

Two headed

This season’s first three Osprey Cruises have been absolutely fantastic! Several ospreys have been seen on each trip, with lots of sightings of other wildlife too, such as common terns, great crested grebes, little egrets, herons, cormorants, gulls, ducks and geese.

The next six cruises are completely sold out! However we run 18 cruises throughout the season, so there are still eight cruises with availability, but they sell out amazingly quickly!

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The first osprey we saw on the cruise (JW)

An osprey on our first osprey cruise this year (JW)