One day to go…

With only one day to go until the teams Three Peaks Challenge gets underway it’s been buzzing with excitment at the Lyndon Visitor Centre today.

Good Luck Tim, Michelle, Paul, Gavin and Chris!

To add to the excitement, this afternoon Martin, our centre volunteer, pointed out to some visitors that there were two Ospreys on the Goldeneye nest right opposite the centre. With that our ears pricked up and out we dashed of the office to see if we could identify them; all aware of the possibility of seeing another of the 2010 birds back in Rutland.
As we scanned the skies to pick them out amongst the trees more Ospreys came into view until we had 4 birds in the sky over Lax Hill, as well as the Manton Bay female on the nest with the chicks. We’re fairly certain that they were 5R, 28(10), 03(09) and the female that bred with AW last year.

This picture was taken this morning as 5R joined the Manton Bay nest for a family photo!