One week old

It has been glorious today and the Lyndon Visitor Centre has been abuzz with visitors.

The eldest two of the three chicks are now one week old, here are a couple of pictures of them. One when the two chicks were a day old and the other of the three chicks today.

Three chicks a week old (From L-R oldest to youngest)

The two chicks a day old

At around 11am this morning 5R put on a magnificent display in Manton Bay as he caught two roach about 30 meters in front of Shallow Water hide. This took his total morning catch to four, quite impressive by any standards!

To add to the excitement in the hide there have been a couple of intruding ospreys in the bay this morning, two males 28(10) and 06(09) flew over & around the Manton Bay nest. 5R returned to the nest alongside the female for a short while before heading off in tow of the two uninvited guests.

If you were thinking that perhaps 5R deserved a rest after his mornings hard work then think again. With the remnants of the two roach in the nest and the female already feeding the chicks from one of them 5R decided that, after his practice run on Friday, he would have another go at feeding his offspring.

Judging from this it looks as though 5R could still do with a bit more practice! The Manton Bay female on the other hand has it down to a fine art.