Only just begun

We have been checking 30’s satellite data regularly over the past few days, anticipating that she would soon be beginning her southward migration. We are very excited to tell you that she has now set off! A day earlier than last season, 30 left Rutland at 7am on Tuesday 30th August. Twelve hours later, she was 30 miles West of Le Mans in France! That means in her first day of migrating, she travelled a total distance of 520km / 323 miles!

The following map shows the route she took on day one. It’s amazing how directly south her trajectory is. She chose to cross the English Channel at its widest point, instead of heading to Dover and crossing where it’s narrowest, which is the route she usually favours when returning in spring.

30's journey day one south

30’s journey day one


We will receive the next batch of 30’s data over the next couple of days. I wonder where she will be by then…

Follow her on our interactive map!

In Manton Bay, we still have both adult ospreys! The dates they left last season are drawing nearer (2nd and 3rd September), so we may only have them around for another day or two. Hurry over to the Lyndon Reserve to see them before they go!

33 with Pike

33 with Pike (photo John Wright)


We also still have the long-tailed duck on the Lyndon Reserve, which can be seen from Teal hide.


Long-tailed duck (photo Paul Stammers)


5 responses to “Only just begun”

  1. Christine

    That is the so awesome to be able to watch 30 in there migration! Please keep posting the travel!!

  2. Cas Stait

    Brilliant news – some going for day 1 – is she trying to break her record?!
    Look forward to following her onward journey.

  3. Mike Simmonds

    Thank you Kayleigh. Great start to her migration.

  4. Jenny Still

    Great to follow 30’s journey – please keep us posted. Had a gorgeous evening in the Manton Bay hide last evening (Wed). The weather was perfect, Maya and 33 looked very content chilling out together now the youngsters have left. Great views of Maya feet washing, 33 caught a huge roach in front of us (most of which he devoured before sharing) and a third osprey gave a 5 minute flying display right near the hide against the setting sun. A great finale if they’re off soon. Grab the chance to see them while you can.

  5. Miho Lamont

    We have just seen osprey at Earith, Cambridge. It was my first time seeing osprey. I looked up on net and found your page, made me wonder if she/he was one of yours. It was absolute stanning view!